"I found my time shopping with Maria to be very informative, rewarding and fun. On the first appointment Maria took the time to get to know my taste and preferences, so that she could better direct me, and I thought that was very professional. As this was my first time with a personal shopper I didn't know what to expect, but Maria was full of suggestions and wasn't happy to leave me until I had a couple of new looks sorted out! There was no pressure to buy either and the consultation finished with a lovely informal chat over lunch."

Claire, Medical Administrator.

"It was like spending a day shopping with a friend. Maria has a really easy manner about her. I have gotten loads of wear out of everything I bought that day. I got complete outfits from shoes to tights to necklaces. I got everyday wear & occasion wear, and I can mix & match everything I bought. I would definitely recommend it if you are like me and need a bit of help with restyling your wardrobe. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I am saving up for my next shopping trip with Maria!"

Valerie, Teacher.


"As a working Mum with a very active toddler, I have not had the chance to shop on my own for nearly three years, and often have to just "grab clothes off the rail and run". My day with Maria was a real treat, and gave me the chance to get out of my every day routine, think a little about myself, and take recommendations on colour and style. Maria did a great job on my wardrobe, encouraging me to find "new favourites" to replace my "old favourites". I can't wait for the shopping date......

Susanne, Marketing Manager.


"My experience of Maria Kelly's wardrobe weeding and personal shopping service was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone! Whilst it can be a bit daunting to think of someone going through your wardrobe, Maria immediately puts you at ease, discusses with you what type of aspect of your wardrobe you want to work on, and will go through with you what styles and colours suit you as you go along. The wardrobe weeding service is great in that you often need someone to tell you to get rid of those dated clothes, but also in that Maria has a talent in finding things that you forgot you had, and putting outfits together from those "bits" you had in your wardrobe! I felt that the wardrobe weeding service prior to the personal shopping was great as it identified those basics needed for the wardrobe and to complete many outfits! We all know that shopping can be a bit fraught at the best of times, but the morning shopping I spent with Maria was enjoyable, and definitely the easiest and most productive few hours of shopping I ever had! In short, Maria's wardrobe weeding and personal shopping service makes a great present...or go ahead and treat yourself...it's well worth it!!"

Catherine, Scientist.


"On my Shop 'Til You Drop Consultation Day with Maria I found the day to be thoroughly enjoyable. I must admit I was a little bit apprehensive at the thought of spending over four hours with someone I didn't know but from the very start Maria made me at ease. The day started with an informative session on colour and style where I could relax over a coffee while taking in all the fashion knowledge Maria had to give me in relation to my size and body shape. I also received a very informative pack in the morning so that I could relate back to it when on future shopping outings on my own. We then went shopping it was easy to see Maria had her homework done prior to us meeting as she knew exactly which shops to go to for what so there was no time waisting on the day. I found this part of the day great fun yet educational as all I had learned in the morning started to make sense. I really found the whole experience to be fantastic and the money I am saving now from not making thoughs silly mistake buys will go towards my next shopping trip with Maria! Thanks again for such a professional and enjoyable day."

Mary, House Wife.


"We booked Maria for a group night recently and she definitely exceeded all of our expectations. We are all different shapes and sizes and we were really impressed that Maria was able to cater for all of our individual needs in one night. Maria covered everything from clothes and underwear to accessories and makeup. She has such a lovely manner and is so friendly that it was easy to relax and talk about all our problem areas! Maria is a wealth of knowledge on what is in the shops and has fantastic tips on where to go to find particular items or where to find clothes to suit a particular shape. We all got an individual pack that covered everything we talked about and more. Armed with the tips that Maria had given me my next shopping trip was a great success. Maria is very professional and organised but great fun too. I would highly recommend Maria and the group night really is a perfect girls’ night in!"

Deidre, Teacher.


Maria was professional and organised when undertaking our Project. We covered both business image and client image in our day together focusing on our website, showroom layout, review of the Klassy Collections in addition to style advice for the 2008/09 season. She spent the time learning our clients style to ensure our collection remained fluid and effortless. I would highly recommend Maria's services for other boutiques where a fresh view and opinion ensure that the boutique continues to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Barbara O'Connor, Klassy Dress Hire & Sales